What Participants Have Said...

Comments taken from workshop evaluations or sent directly from participants.


Comments from Training of Trainers skills-building workshop, 2010:

"Motivational! Gave me LOTS of tools to have more confidence when teaching."

"Informative, uplifting, motivating."

"You inspired me to TAKE the power to speak and to be heard.

"Empowering presentation. Very skilled presenter."

"Samuel is a dynamic and enthusiastic speaker. He's a great role model for other presenters."

Comments from staff training:

With warmth, humor, and passion, Mr. Lurie opened this audience's heart so that they could also open their minds to information that challenges our culture's fundamental binary organization of sex and gender categories. Mr. Lurie succeeded in opening minds with skill and grace, making him a superior presenter on transgender issues, perhaps the best of the best. Mr. Lurie's compact, engaging, and accessible presentation to a lay audience at my agency succeeded in conveying in only a few short hours virtually all of the key concepts related to American transgender history and experience.
-D. May, Training Supervisor, AIDS-Related Community Services, May 2008.

I wanted to send you a letter to thank you for presenting to us the other day.  First of all, you are a highly skilled presenter and educator.  You're a natural and completely authentic.  You speak with the perfect balance of information/facts and sensitivity/caring.  The listener can't help but become invested in what you are presenting.  Your materials and personal stories were thought-provoking and moving and throughout this week I have been continually thinking of many of the subjects you raised -- another sign of an effective trainer/advocate.  I want to thank you for coming to speak with us and hope to work with you again.    -Detective Sergeant, Vermont State Police, March 2008.

American College Health Association, Annual Meeting 2007 ("Transgender Issues for Mental Health Providers")

American College Health Association, Annual Meeting 2006 ("Transgender Issues in College Health")

Transgender Health Conference, 2007: "Transgender Issues in College Health"

HIV/AIDS Service Providers:

"Thanks again. My agency really needed this (and I was getting exhausted being the only resource here.) You're awesome.!" --Outreach worker, ASO in Western NY

"I do not have enough words to describe your training session. Awesome! Continue to advocate, continue to educate, continue to open the eyes of others on the needs of this population. I will always remember this training." --HIV Advocate, Indianapolis, Indiana

"Thanks for an excellent presentation. Wish it could have been longer. Your passion, care, sensitivity and knowledge are wonderful! I'd love to attend all your workshops." --Nurse Practioner, CT

"You explained things so clearly and with patience and love. It is nice to sit in a room and not feel defensive for my ignorance. " --Counseling and Testing provider, CT

"You made such an impression on everything for me. As I nurse, I will not be the same again. My care of patients will be impacted greatly by your training and it has taken me to a much higher level. Thank you." --Nurse and Clinic Coordinator, New Haven, CT

"Oh my God...This workshop was awesome! Informative, useful. Samuel was great--playful, knowledgeable, articulate, humorous. His own stories and self-disclosure added a genuineness to the workshop." --Maine Social Worker

"I have attended many workshops on sexuality and gender issues and have presented a few of my own. I have never experienced a workshop as empathic, compelling and informative as yours. I do not believe it is a stretch to say your workshop/presentation was mesmerizing.... what are your thoughts about coming to Michigan to present the same or a similar workshop? ...I cannot imagine another presenter/trainer who would be more qualified/talented to do this for us." -Michigan HIV/STDs Outreach Worker

Comments following presentation at the Gay and Lesbian Medical Association annual meeting, Toronto, Canada:

"I really appreciated your talk, and I would say that it was the most significant and inspiring workshop session I attended during the conference." -MD, University Health Center

"Your enthusiasm and bright outlook are contagious. I really enjoyed your presentation at the workshop. You are a talented and engaging teacher. It would be great if you were part of the plenary sessions next year". -MD, private practice in Pennsylvania

New York State DOH AIDS Institute Trainings, 2003 (Full day trainings)

Long Island:


The Bronx:

New York State Department of Health workshops in Buffalo, Bronx and Manhattan, NY, Sept, 2002:

Iowa Department of Health Statewide HIV Prevention Conference (October 2001):

From San Francisco, training for grantee organizations of HIV/AIDS Program (October and November, 2001):